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27 mrt 2024 om 21:40 My favourite restaurant. This is a place that makes food with love.
28 jan 2024 om 20:17 Delivery took 1:30min instead of 50min, but guess what - it was definitely worth the wait...the best food in Den Haag.
2 dec 2023 om 21:26 Amazing food as always! The owner came to bring my food by car by himself because thuisbezorg made a fuck up. So 5 stars dor shakshuka, zero stars for thuisbezorg ….
30 okt 2023 om 9:15 Best shakshuka, hummus and falafel in town!
31 aug 2023 om 7:12 Expensive but super tasty!
23 aug 2023 om 15:16 Portion too small for the price.
12 aug 2023 om 1:34 The food is very delicious. Ordered for pickup, was ready on time
27 jul 2023 om 20:29 Amazing, deliciously fresh.
30 apr 2023 om 22:48 Food was great but looks like they forgot tabouleh salad
30 mrt 2023 om 21:39 eten was zeer smakelijk en mooi opgediend
30 mrt 2023 om 14:50 Ik heb deze bestelling nooit ontvangen en geen reactie terug gekregen op mijn mail
6 mrt 2023 om 10:05 I've ordered food to arrive at 20:00 and it only arrived one hour later. What's the point of being able to schedule a delivery if it doesn't work???